This personal project was created in Unreal Engine 4.  A scene like this is highly flexible in workflows and the way it uses hardware meaning that it has applications from film to games and even VR. Exciting possibilities for smoother production across different platforms which ultimately also saves on costs. The landscape model was generated and textured using quick cutting edge techniques.
World Engine was used to generate a highly realistic model of the mountains for the initial build phase.
Once the model was set up, texturing was done using clever surface shaders that react to changes in the incline and height of the landscape. Further adjustments to these shaders were made to create a balanced and realistic scene.
HDR lighting was used in this scene, and fog effects created to add depth and impact. Camera and animation of shots then done in UE. Post-processing within the engine also helped to get a good sense of the mood for the final shots earlier on in the project. Rendering took a matter of minutes rather than days thanks to the groundbreaking method of Unreal's real-time rendering system. I used After Effects CC for a final grade to add more drama and atmosphere. 
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